I watched all four available episodes of Gourmet Farmer last night on the SBS website. Now I am hanging out for Thursday night 7:30pm for episode 5. I haven’t felt that happy and contented watching a TV program for a while. There is something satisfying about watching a city boy give it a go at farming and country life. Matt Evans is also more personable than I expected. Whatever it is, the shows have been put together with consideration and respect for farmers and how hard they work.
Some have complained that GF glamorises the ordinary. But for people who don’t live with acres of land, a thriving kitchen garden, and chooks out the back, it isn’t ordinary, it is fascinating. It is also the knowledge that one would probably fail if you set out to do something as crazy as expect to create a farm that is financially stable with no experience. Somehow though, with the support of local farmers and a humble attitude Matt manages to be hopeful, and at times successful, which is what makes this show so Australian and a pleasure to watch.
I hope this show does well, cause this city girl still has a lot to learn about farming.