Granny T

Sorry for the delay in posts, now that I am back in the real world (I.e. working) it has taken me a week or two to get used to getting up early again! Anyway, thought I’d share a photo of a non-food related project I completed over the holidays after hearing of a family member… Continue reading Granny T

Japanese · Restaurant


Nara Japanese Restaurant  is just opposite Epping train station on the western side of the railway line. It is spacious and therefore often seems a little empty but I have always found the food to be fresh and delicious. I have been a few times and these photos are from June last year (yes still… Continue reading Nara

South Indian


Like burping being a sign of appreciation of a particularly satisfying meal, licking the bowl is one of life’s guilty pleasures usually kept for solitude or the closest of family or friends. How we behave when no-one is looking is a good indicator of our more primitive history, and how we eat involves more than… Continue reading Taj