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Sorry for the delay in posts, now that I am back in the real world (I.e. working) it has taken me a week or two to get used to getting up early again!
Anyway, thought I’d share a photo of a non-food related project I completed over the holidays after hearing of a family member becoming pregnant. Such a good excuse to make something so cute. It is a baby beanie from a Debbie Bliss pattern book and is made with two balls of cotton, in off-white and teal.
I normally wouldn’t dream of knitting in summer, especially one as sweltering as this one, but I have been sitting in front of the air conditioner on most of the really hot days, so it felt quite appropriate!
Granny T is what Paul likes to call me when I pull out the knitting in the Blue Mountains, and it has become a bit of long standing joke. Oh well, here is the damning evidence!

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  1. Hi Barbara,
    I’m not sure which part of Sydney you live in but plenty of wool/tapestry shops hold beginner classes. I would recommend using bamboo needles (available cheaply at Spotlight) and a 100% wool fibre that doesn’t have ‘bobbly bits’. It makes it easier for you to see your stitches. The beanie/cap was knitted on four bamboo needles (you could also use a small circular needle) using a Debbie Bliss cotton blend. The pattern was in one of her little baby knit books. Morris and Sons have a yarn that is similar in composition but a little cheaper, which you can substitute.
    Morris & Sons
    (previously called Tapestry Craft) on York St in the city holds 3-hour beginner knitting lessons for $40 on some Saturdays. They also sometimes have informal knitting sessions after work on weeknights, you could call them to see if they still do those, which are free.
    Greta’s Handcrafts
    are in Lindfield on the Pacific Highway and hold regular classes for beginners or to bring in a current project for specific help. Bookings essential.
    For other Sydney wool shops, there is a list here:
    Knitting blog- depending on whether you like to teach yourself or prefer a class, you may like to check out this knitting blog below which has diagrams, pictures and very detailed instruction.
    Hope this helps!
    Let me know if you have any other questions,

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