I have an apology to make. I have been very tardy with keeping this blog up to date. “What have I been so preoccupied with?” you may rightly demand. Well, ever since Easter I have been eating chocolate, on my couch, in pyjamas. Green & Black’s organic, once deemed too expensive, now just politically correct and a downright pantry staple. The Maya is midway between dark and milk (around the 54% mark) and has a hint of orange and christmas spice. Not bad at all. The milk is also a touch darker than your average milk (34%) so has a little more of a cocoa hit but without the bitterness of a dark. Ok, shutting up now. Sad, but what was once a treat is now an obligatory indulgence both anticipated and satiated.
I have also been sucked into watching Master Chef, however like my friend’s 4 year old son, have an aversion to the trauma of Thursday night eviction night. “But mummy, will we ever see them again?” says a concerned little voice with watery eyes. It’s just too confrontational and drawn-out ‘biggest loser’ style. Hurry up AJ, I mean Sarah, get us to the master class. Inspiration and instruction are where these types of shows can earn credibility by doing some good as well as just entertaining the masses.
But who am I to criticise, I’ve got my chocolate to distract me 🙂