While staying with my friends Ricky and Debbie in London recently, Ricky took me to one of his favourite places to have lunch in town after a morning of museum trekking, called Inn Noodle. Or Noodle Inn as he likes to call it.
It is on Oxford Street near Tottenham Court Road station which is strangely convenient while hopping on and off the tube and generally seeing the city by foot. I managed to get here at least five times during my two and a half week stay in London. Maybe it was the wontons or the dumplings which you have to wait to cool a little and then eat whole so the soup squirts in your mouth and not at your friend across the table.
But let’s be honest and admit it was probably the Peking Duck, with the tastiest sauce that made up for the wrappers that stuck together. I did have this twice, and yes I ate the skin, it’s the best part. Make sure you get the duck on the bone, I was disappointed when they took the meat off the bone after I asked them to leave it on, you get a choice, there was just a miscommunication…it is all part of it to get so greasy you need to wash your hands after.
By the way, they make their own noodles and wonton wrappers in the front window, so try it, you won’t regret it.
Peking Duck
Peking Duck
Roast Duck
Roast Duck with skin removed