Basler Leckerli

One of the most delicious foods I sampled in Switzerland was a chewy honey spice biscuit called Basler Leckerli. My friend Viv who I stayed with in Zurich was good enough to send me a recipe and with some exploring online I decided to try to make it. How hard could it be? Well you can see the results for yourself below, and general consensus of the tasting panel was, when compared to the original, that with less candied peel and less sugar and a little more honey I might be getting close. So here is the first attempt, made with Kirsch and all, and another batch will need to follow.
Big thanks go to Viv for sending a packet of the original biscuits for scientific comparisons only. Vielen Dank.

4 thoughts on “Basler Leckerli

  1. hi,
    ive had leckerli before,awesome product when made correctly,you should really try selling online,when you perfect the recipe,they keep for like 6 mths,and most recipes are made with no fats or any dairy product,great selling point.Also hardly anyone outside switzerland is making them

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