The Bear

A lot of people asked me if I’d watched The Bear yet, and some warned me it might be a bit intense. It is an intense show, for anyone, the style reminds me a little of Baz Lurhman’s frenetic director energy in Moulin Rouge. The first series is about grief, family, loss, addiction. Chefs are… Continue reading The Bear


Roasted cauliflower with cumin and chilli and a tahini dressing

I’ve been reading a wonderful recipe book cover to cover, drinking it in and absorbing the culinary and social ideals of Hana Assifiri. It’s called Moroccan Soup Bar and contains the recipes from a restaurant in Melbourne that is adored by its many and varied patrons. The customer reviews scrawled on napkins and sprinkled throughout… Continue reading Roasted cauliflower with cumin and chilli and a tahini dressing

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There’s something therapeutic about making cake

  Today’s cake is inspired by Israeli food blogger Keren Agam https://www.instagram.com/keren_agam/?hl=en who I discovered through my lovely friend Hagar who has been spoiling us with Rugelach and Challah and all manner of baked treats. If you want the English version of her recipes (and you will) go to her blog using Chrome and click translate.… Continue reading There’s something therapeutic about making cake


Saffron linguine with rabbit ragu

My favourite comfort food – rabbit and pasta. The ragu is from Stephanie Alexander, it’s her ‘hare pasta sauce’ but made with rabbit. The pasta is saffron linguine from Marrickville markets. Parsley, thyme and bay from the garden. The wine to deglaze the pan and relax the chef is a McLeish Estate cabernet sauvignon/merlot.


Beef Pho

I seem to be living off beef pho at the moment, and my favourite right now is phd Vietnamese restaurant at Marrickville, only $9 for a delicious takeaway dinner, yum. I’m also hoping to try Yen For Viet a few doors down soon as every time I walk past they’re packed. We tried to get… Continue reading Beef Pho