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Pumpkin Pie

It seemed like the weather for pie. I remembered my mum’s pumpkin pie from when I was little and thought how nice it would be to make a non-vegan version. Mum’s recipe was vegan and was delicious; so how much more delicious with eggs and cream!!
The recipe I used was from joy of and I took the advice of making it more delicious by pressing crushed gingernut biscuits into the unbaked pastry for extra flavour. I think this pie is best cold, though I couldn’t resist eating some warm. It just tastes more eggy while warm. The crust is crisp and the filling is moist and beautifully spiced.
As pumpkin pie is not nearly as popular in Australia as the USA it’s rare to come across one in a Sydney cafe or cake shop. So make your own and enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Pie

  1. I so miss you!!! How on earth do you come away from massive work days and weeks and think “I feel like whipping up a pumpkin pie”!?!?! I will never have that gift unfortunately – I think you’re incredible! Looks very delicious.xx

  2. Tina! The pumpkin pie looks delicious! I made pumpkin bread recently. It had the consistency of banana bread & was tasted of pumpkin! Pumpkin is such a versatile ingredient.

  3. Tina, I now have a massive urge to dig up an old recipe from Australian Gourmet-early 80s-series on cooking with Scotch/whiskey/alcohol? and there was a recipe for a pumpkin pie using Drambuie. So rad for early 80s. Nice to see a nod to my mate Rick at Joy of Baking-very ethical guy who would appreciate your acknowledgement of their recipe.
    Longing for this urge to pass… Drambuie to hand.

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