Rosemary jungle

Rosemary potatoes… We pulled up a rosemary plant as we accidentally planted the spreading ‘ground cover’ variety and not the nice upright straight-branched one, so it’s rosemary on everything this week.

Darwin · Markets · Thai Food

Darwin markets

Thursday: Mindil (Indigenous art, food stalls, light and breezy summer clothing by Gita http://www.gitaz.com/) http://www.mindil.com.au/ Friday:Palmerston http://www.palmerstonmarkets.org.au/ Saturday: Parap (food stalls, fruit and veg, clothing) Sunday: Rapid Creek (fresh food and specialty fruit and vegetables) and Mindil http://www.darwindiary.com.au/markets.php Parap Markets The queue for som tam (green papaya salad) Iced coffee A little French busking to… Continue reading Darwin markets

Dessert · Italian


A weakness of mine is a trip to Haberfield for cheese, salami, prosciutto, olives, passata, Italian bread – that’s the official list; and then there’s those few items that always seem to make their way into my bag, sometimes for sharing, sometimes not. Custard filled doughnuts, amaretto-soaked cherry-filled almond biscotti from Sulfaro, cheesecake from Pasticceria… Continue reading Doughnuts


Beef Pho

I seem to be living off beef pho at the moment, and my favourite right now is phd Vietnamese restaurant at Marrickville, only $9 for a delicious takeaway dinner, yum. I’m also hoping to try Yen For Viet a few doors down soon as every time I walk past they’re packed. We tried to get… Continue reading Beef Pho