Saffron linguine with rabbit ragu

My favourite comfort food – rabbit and pasta. The ragu is from Stephanie Alexander, it’s her ‘hare pasta sauce’ but made with rabbit. The pasta is saffron linguine from Marrickville markets. Parsley, thyme and bay from the garden. The wine to deglaze the pan and relax the chef is a McLeish Estate cabernet sauvignon/merlot.

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Lemon & almond syrup cake or Rose's 'Golden Dream Cake'

Candied lemon peel roses Lemon and almond syrup cake with white chocolate buttercream There was such a delicious feast at Iain and Jules’ engagement party that we didn’t get through all of the cake, what a shame, we had to divvy the rest up to scoff at home. Jules, I need recipes for the adobo… Continue reading Lemon & almond syrup cake or Rose's 'Golden Dream Cake'