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Lemon & almond syrup cake or Rose's 'Golden Dream Cake'

Candied lemon peel roses Lemon and almond syrup cake with white chocolate buttercream There was such a delicious feast at Iain and Jules’ engagement party that we didn’t get through all of the cake, what a shame, we had to divvy the rest up to scoff at home. Jules, I need recipes for the adobo… Continue reading Lemon & almond syrup cake or Rose's 'Golden Dream Cake'

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Wedding Cake

Thomas Walter and Malini Christine Ganesan celebrated their wedding in February this year at the delicious Sardinian restaurant Pilu at Freshwater in Sydney. I was lucky enough to be asked if I could make the cake… The layers are (from top to bottom) Fruit Cake 6″ Chocolate Buttermilk Cake 9″ Hazelnut Raspberry Cake 12″ All… Continue reading Wedding Cake