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There’s something therapeutic about making cake

  Today’s cake is inspired by Israeli food blogger Keren Agam who I discovered through my lovely friend Hagar who has been spoiling us with Rugelach and Challah and all manner of baked treats. If you want the English version of her recipes (and you will) go to her blog using Chrome and click translate.… Continue reading There’s something therapeutic about making cake

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Lemon & almond syrup cake or Rose's 'Golden Dream Cake'

Candied lemon peel roses Lemon and almond syrup cake with white chocolate buttercream There was such a delicious feast at Iain and Jules’ engagement party that we didn’t get through all of the cake, what a shame, we had to divvy the rest up to scoff at home. Jules, I need recipes for the adobo… Continue reading Lemon & almond syrup cake or Rose's 'Golden Dream Cake'

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Pumpkin Pie

It seemed like the weather for pie. I remembered my mum’s pumpkin pie from when I was little and thought how nice it would be to make a non-vegan version. Mum’s recipe was vegan and was delicious; so how much more delicious with eggs and cream!! The recipe I used was from joy of… Continue reading Pumpkin Pie

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Wedding Cake

Thomas Walter and Malini Christine Ganesan celebrated their wedding in February this year at the delicious Sardinian restaurant Pilu at Freshwater in Sydney. I was lucky enough to be asked if I could make the cake… The layers are (from top to bottom) Fruit Cake 6″ Chocolate Buttermilk Cake 9″ Hazelnut Raspberry Cake 12″ All… Continue reading Wedding Cake